By / February 13, 2019


When the world is good, our students receive many random acts of kindness. People may reach for things that are...

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By / February 3, 2019

Come See Me at CARS+!

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at the California Association of Resource and Special Educators Plus at...

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By / January 22, 2019

“Making Oatmeal” Lesson for Teens

Deep into the cold of winter, there’s nothing as comforting as a bowl of warm oatmeal. Maybe that’s why “National...

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By / January 13, 2019

National Healthy Weight Week

Wouldn’t you know that they’d make the third week of January Healthy Weight Week? It’s like they knew we’d all...

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By / January 7, 2019

Writing a Thank You Note

After the holidays, many students are left with a desire to thank friends and family for the gifts of the...

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By / January 1, 2019

Making New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a joke that says the most successful business in the world would be one that is a gym the...

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